Don’t encourage my behavior


Can’t trust the news.

Can’t trust the government.

Can’t trust twitter.

Can’t trust tumblr.


Because I can tell you for a fact, I know many black women who are loud and ratchet and wear weaves. I know black women who are attending law school and choose to wear their hair naturally. I know black women who are single mothers, working multiple jobs in order to support their families. I know black women who are shy and introverted and listen to alternative music. I know Claire Huxtables and Olivia Popes. I know Nene Leakes and Sweet Browns. And the one thing that they all have in common is that they all deserved to be loved.
Excerpt from  RE: BLACK MEN DON’T LIKE BLACK WOMEN (via bellecosby)



Say it loud. #blackisbeautiful




Say it loud. #blackisbeautiful



its funny how so many black men openly hated macklemore and no one once said “why are black men so bitter and jealous of macklemore?” but let black women discuss how racist, untalented, and ignorant iggy azalea is and suddenly we’re all bitter black bitches jealous of the poor innocent white girl lmao

Smiling black woman next to Corbett on his website was Photoshopped


you think we playing when we say they see us as props of self-elevation.

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FKA Twigs


FKA Twigs


Protect North African women

Protect West African women

Protect East African women

Protect Central African women

Protect Southern African women

Protect African women and girls

We don’t want to be seuxalised

We don’t want to be exotified

We don’t want to be fetishised

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